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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Magical Day

Quick hybrid cards I made using the digital kit Cottage No9  and Cottage No9 Porch Blends Paper Pack both by Etc by Danyale. 

For one card I popped the sentiment flag, the other card I popped the balloons.  I used the Silhouette software to do the design.  I used sketch pens for the balloon strings and sentiment.  I cute the papers, balloon shape and scallop edge using the print and cut feature.

Quick easy to make, every day cards. Who couldn't use a "Magical Day"?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creative Use of Silhouette Cameo

This story truly is about a very creative use of my Silhouette machine and how it saved the day! Let me give you some background:  My son has been working diligently on a jigsaw puzzle.  It's the first one he has done, well, except for those little puzzles you have your kids do when they are growing up. It's been a long time since he has done a puzzle, and never a 1,000 piece puzzle!  I thought it would be a great activity for him. He is so good at noticing differences and similarities and I thought it would help with his ability to focus and stay on task. You see, my son is on the autism spectrum and is working on building his employability skills.
Little did I know, how well he would excel at puzzle solving! He hit this one right out of the park!
But that's not why you are reading this post. You're wondering what does this have to do with a "Creative use of the Silhouette Cameo"?  Well, in the course of building the puzzle, one piece fell to the floor without being noticed.  And the dog ate it.  Yep you read that right! The dog ate it! The plan all along had been to turn this into a poster to hang in my son's room. Now what were we going to do with 1 piece missing? This is where my crafty Silhouette comes into play.

Using a piece of paper that I slide under the puzzle, I traced the shape of the missing piece and scanned it into my computer. Then I scanned the picture of the completed puzzle from the box top into my computer.  I brought both images into the Silhouette Studio software. I set the sizing of puzzle piece, used the trace function then printed it out. I compared it to the puzzle to be certain that I had it the correct size.
Then I resized the image of the completed puzzle until I had it the correct size and located it under the puzzle piece in the software. Once I had everything just as needed, I used the print and cut feature to create a new puzzle piece.

Knowing that the paper piece I just cut would not be as thick as the rest of the puzzle, I also cut the puzzle piece shape out of a used cereal box a few times.  I then stacked and glued these together until I had the right thickness. Then I glued the printed puzzle piece to the top of those and ta-da... we now have a completed 1,000 piece puzzle ready to be converted to a poster!

My Silhouette Cameo cutter saved the day after the dog ate a puzzle piece!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quick Valentine's Wreath

On a recent trip to the dollar store, I picked up a cute tinsel Valentine's wreath. It looked nice decorating our front door. But today, it just looked so plain.  So I set out to spruce it up a bit.  I used scraps of stuff that I found tucked away in my craft corner.  And I mean scraps. I had barely enough lace, not enough ribbon,  and had to color die some flowers after I furrowed my stash of pretties.

So in about 40 minutes, it went from what you see above, to what you see below. Would have been faster, but I had to wait for the die to dry on the flowers!  :)

Not bad for a dollar store find, huh?  Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Birthday Wishes Hybrid Card

Created a birthday card for a very dear friend.  I used a new digital kit by Paper Garden Projects called Me Myself and I.

I designed the layout of the card with the help of my Silhouette Cameo.  The flower cluster from the kit was cut using the print and cut feature. I also used the color dropper to pick up the purple color from the flowers to used on the "Birthday Wishes" sentiment.

The pink paper from the kit was printed and cut to the card size. I used a Spellbinders border die to create the bracket edges and details.

 I print and cut 2 of the flower clusters, inked up the edges and layered them to create some dimension. I added pearls for a little class and bling.  Hoping this card brings warm cheer to my friend for her special day.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Altered Lantern

Remember that Log-in Organizer Notebook I made? Well, I had some papers left over from it. Papers that I had printed double sided from the digital kit She Believes by Etc by Danyale.  So I decided to make some flowers with them.  I used the cut file from Wendy Bird Designs called Pretty Petals Vol 3. Then I used my spritz and scrunch technique which you can find in my tutorial here to create the flowers. By cutting them at different sizes and mixing the different petal patterns, and changing up the centers, I was able to create unique looking flowers of varying sizes.  Then came the question of what to do with the flowers?

I had this very plain lantern on my mantel. The flowers seemed the perfect way to dress it up!  I added some trims, lace, ribbon and leaves. Now I've got a rather pretty lantern!

By the way - the candle inside it is one of those battery operated ones. Don't want to have real flames near these paper pretties!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Special Day

Today is a special day for my son and his girlfriend. They have been dating for 1 year! They are both active people with lots of energy and very rooted in their faith. They have shared some wonderful times together and with family. They are the type of people that make you happy just to be with!

I did a bit of digital scrapping with photos from some of the things they have done over the past year.  The digital kit that I used for this has the perfect bright happy colors. Especially the teal, that is her favorite color!  The kit is called Life, Love, Etc by Etc by Danyale.

To create the 2 page layout, I used a template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs. It's a FREEBIE that you can find here called Fuss Free Freebie 110.

I created the left side and flipped the template to create the right side of the page.  Her's a look at the 2 sides individually:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Password Organizer

As our lives become more digital, the number of log-in ID's and passwords that we have keep growing. I've been on a trek to get things organized around the house so I decided it was time to finally organize the log-in's and passwords.

Using my crafty supplies, I created a notebook that I can keep track of all these gems. I used the digital kit She Believes by Etc by Danyale for the papers in this project.

I printed out the patterned paper for the cover on 12x12 paper.  I also printed out solid color papers from the kit on 12x12 paper to be used to make the tabbed dividers in the notebook. These papers I printed on both sides, each side with a different solid paper from the digital kit.

The front and back cover pages are cut from a used up box of Bisquick, to give it stability. After cutting the box pieces, I ran them through the Xyron to apply adhesive, then adhered them to the printed patterned paper.  I inked them and the blue accent piece, then adhered it to the covers. 

Everything else was designed in Silhouette Studio. The shape I used is 5x7 Vertical Monthly Album by Carina Gardiner. Only I made 2 sets of the tabbed pages. I removed the numbers from the tab labels (circles) and used the text tool and print and cut feature to create ;labels foe each of the categories of passwords I wanted to organize.

I used another Silhouette shape for the label on the front cover.  I filled each of the layers with different papers from the digital kit She Believes.  Again using the text tool I typed out the notebook name and used the print and cut feature for this. I inked them, layered and adhered them to the cover.

The inside pages were also made in the Silhouette Studio using the print and cut feature. I decided to use book rings to bind it so that I can expand the notebook if needed by easily adding more inside pages or category tabbed pages.

Want to know something really cool?  This coordinates so nicely with the desk organizer that I made using the digital kit Simple Things by Etc by Danyale!

UPDATE: I was asked to share the text portion ("site/URL/Username/Password) as a download file.  Thanks for asking!  You can grab it HERE.  I saved it as a .png file so you can use it on any background paper that you would like.

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