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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heads will roll!

It's always an adventure trying to get a group photo. We took several. Most actually had just about everyone looking good. That's easy since we are such a good-looking bunch! :) And when you are having as much fun as we did, the laughter and smiles come easily.

Still one photo would have someone blinking, one of the kids looking off some where, the baby crying.... you name it. And, we didn't have a tripod or way to get everyone in the photo. So first Barb took some pics of the rest of us, then Kevin took some with Barb in them. I really wanted a photo with all of us in it.
A little playing about with photoshop.......

I started with this one

Changed a few faces and added a person... and voila!
it became this one... the winner!

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