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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here comes Fall

This time of year always gets to me. I really don't like to see the summer come to an end. It's not that I don't enjoy the autumn season. It's just that with the start of school and all the homework and paperwork, and running to and fro' for activities - I feel like time with the kids is limited.

But we'll just make the best of what the season offers. So to get in the mood, I started crafting some seasonal cards. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

The season has started! Actually the try-outs and practices have been going on since July. This past Saturday was the "Bowl Day" with a pre-season game. Regular season games start this weekend.

Patrick is playing on the Division 1 105lb Pop-Warner team. It's a lot of commitment in time and energy from him to make practice every night, eat right, get rest and stay hydrated. After some initial grumbles as the practices pushed on through the heat and humidity, he is now feeling a bit more fit and ready.

Not to slight the burden that his brother's also carry to support their brother's desire to play. It's not an easy time for them (or any of us). We at least get to enjoy the excitement of the games!

And this pre-season game was no exception. Scoreless with only 15 seconds to go.... and the Indians (our team) pushed their quarter back through for a touch down! The extra point was *solidly* blocked by one poor players chest, so the final score was 6-0. Woo hoo!

Patrick is sporting #39 this year. After Pittsburgh's HB Willie Parker. Yup, that's Patrick in the center of the photo below, making a tackle!

Friday, August 15, 2008

They're Here!

The 'maters have started to ripen. Yeah! Yummy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


No, I didn't spell it wrong. It's not supposed to be "matters". I'm talking about 'maters. You know.... tomatoes. Now say it with me "may-durs" You've got it!

Every year we grow a garden at home. Garden regulars include 'maters and peppers. Sometimes we grow other vegetables too. Green beans, eggplant, zucchini to name a few. Last year we ended up with pumpkins. Quite by accident. In the fall we always put our used jack-o-lanterns into the garden to compost. Well when Spring came along... so did a pumpkin vine! It took over the yard. And did produce some very nice pumpkins. However a bit too early for Halloween, these pumpkins were ready for harvest in August last year!

Now wait, this was about 'maters. I really like homegrown tomatoes. I wait all year to have them fresh from the garden. We plant right after the late frost date in May and typically have big ripe red tomatoes by mid-July.

Here we are nearly mid-August and no tomatoes yet! OK, so we were a smidgen late planting - maybe a week. The lack of humid nights in the early part of the growing season are what I think delayed these tomatoes. I was able to pick some cherry tomatoes last night.

It's the big ones that I'm anxious for. I love 'em sliced on a bagel with cream cheese! A little bit of Heaven here on Earth! And I tend to eat much healthier when I can pick some veggies right from the garden.

There are a few that are just starting to turn red. Maybe this week! So you see, 'maters do matter!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why, when I have some time AND access, I'm not able to write? Throughout the day I had many thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share. Now that I'm here, keyboard under my fingers, the thoughts are noe with me!

It was a typical day. Started with the usual scurrying about to get everyone ready and off to where they need to be. Then it took a diversion. Through an "autism meltdown". That was a term that a friend called it. For me it is a great explanation. I completely understand what it means. I was glad that I headed it off before it got too bad. Only took about 30 minutes to restore things to the normal course of mayhem!

As I went about the day running kids to camp, at work, doing household chores during my lunch break, preparing dinner, getting some laundry done, organizing and preparing for the next day... phrases were on my mind, bits and pieces. And now they have scattered into the depths of my mind.

But then, I guess it is just another day. I'll be back again.
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