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Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

The season has started! Actually the try-outs and practices have been going on since July. This past Saturday was the "Bowl Day" with a pre-season game. Regular season games start this weekend.

Patrick is playing on the Division 1 105lb Pop-Warner team. It's a lot of commitment in time and energy from him to make practice every night, eat right, get rest and stay hydrated. After some initial grumbles as the practices pushed on through the heat and humidity, he is now feeling a bit more fit and ready.

Not to slight the burden that his brother's also carry to support their brother's desire to play. It's not an easy time for them (or any of us). We at least get to enjoy the excitement of the games!

And this pre-season game was no exception. Scoreless with only 15 seconds to go.... and the Indians (our team) pushed their quarter back through for a touch down! The extra point was *solidly* blocked by one poor players chest, so the final score was 6-0. Woo hoo!

Patrick is sporting #39 this year. After Pittsburgh's HB Willie Parker. Yup, that's Patrick in the center of the photo below, making a tackle!

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