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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why, when I have some time AND access, I'm not able to write? Throughout the day I had many thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share. Now that I'm here, keyboard under my fingers, the thoughts are noe with me!

It was a typical day. Started with the usual scurrying about to get everyone ready and off to where they need to be. Then it took a diversion. Through an "autism meltdown". That was a term that a friend called it. For me it is a great explanation. I completely understand what it means. I was glad that I headed it off before it got too bad. Only took about 30 minutes to restore things to the normal course of mayhem!

As I went about the day running kids to camp, at work, doing household chores during my lunch break, preparing dinner, getting some laundry done, organizing and preparing for the next day... phrases were on my mind, bits and pieces. And now they have scattered into the depths of my mind.

But then, I guess it is just another day. I'll be back again.

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  1. Hi, Cathy! I love what you've done with the place!


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