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Saturday, August 9, 2008


No, I didn't spell it wrong. It's not supposed to be "matters". I'm talking about 'maters. You know.... tomatoes. Now say it with me "may-durs" You've got it!

Every year we grow a garden at home. Garden regulars include 'maters and peppers. Sometimes we grow other vegetables too. Green beans, eggplant, zucchini to name a few. Last year we ended up with pumpkins. Quite by accident. In the fall we always put our used jack-o-lanterns into the garden to compost. Well when Spring came along... so did a pumpkin vine! It took over the yard. And did produce some very nice pumpkins. However a bit too early for Halloween, these pumpkins were ready for harvest in August last year!

Now wait, this was about 'maters. I really like homegrown tomatoes. I wait all year to have them fresh from the garden. We plant right after the late frost date in May and typically have big ripe red tomatoes by mid-July.

Here we are nearly mid-August and no tomatoes yet! OK, so we were a smidgen late planting - maybe a week. The lack of humid nights in the early part of the growing season are what I think delayed these tomatoes. I was able to pick some cherry tomatoes last night.

It's the big ones that I'm anxious for. I love 'em sliced on a bagel with cream cheese! A little bit of Heaven here on Earth! And I tend to eat much healthier when I can pick some veggies right from the garden.

There are a few that are just starting to turn red. Maybe this week! So you see, 'maters do matter!

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