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Monday, September 8, 2008

FUMBLE!! ... recovery!

After changing the time to move it up, then canceling the game on Saturday due to the rain..... we (Patrick's team) got to play Sunday morning........

The Northampton Indians had a very tough, very exciting game away against the Marsh Creek Eagles yesterday. Every play had the fans tense. The players gave it their all! Marsh Creek was first to score with a 65 yard run for a touch down, but they chose to run in the extra point making it 0-7 (in pop-warner/pee wee running in = 1 point, kicking it = 2 points). But our Indians came back and scored a touch down AND kicked in the extra point to take us up 8-7.

Marsh Creek went on in the 3rd quarter to score another touch down, and our Indians held them back from running in the extra point. The Indians were trying as hard as they could to convert, but they turned over the ball on downs without scoring.

Then in the 4th quarter came an amazing fumble By Marsh Creek recovered for a turnover by our Indians. You can see the 2 Indians (dark blue) on the ball here.

And here you can see which Indian came up with that fumble recovery......

Our own #39!!!

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