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Monday, September 29, 2008


Oreo is one of our cats. He was abandoned outside my office at just 2 weeks old. I rescued him from the landscapers approaching lawn mowers. Brought he and his sister home. She is named Java. This was 3 years ago.

This past Friday, Oreo did not seem his usual self. Very lethargic. He was still not looking well Saturday morning. So my husband and I met the vet when she opened at 9am. Turns out Oreo has a life-threatening condition. He has crystals, or small stones that obstructed his bladder and caused his systems to back up. His kidneys were shutting down. The vet was able to do a procedure to unblock him, but his kidneys were so bad that he needed to be at a hospital with 24 hour care. So we transported him Saturday afternoon. They have been monitoring him. Last night there was a positive sign, his kidneys are starting to improve. We are hoping that will continue and he will be back home soon.

Oreo will now have to be on a prescription diet to hopefully prevent this from happening again. Poor guy! We are really missing him. Especially my one son, Kevin. Kevin has autism and forming relationships is difficult. But he and Oreo have connected. Oreo even comes to say "goodnight" and prayers with Kevin every night. Oreo will jump on Kevin's bed and snuggle with him as we say prayers and chat. Last night while going through the nighttime routine, Kevin was saying how he was missing Oreo, and much to our surprise, Java (the shy sister cat), jumped up on the bed and snuggled with Kevin! Wow. The power of the animal spirit.

Keeping our fingers crossed that Oreo will be back home soon!

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