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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come on Home!


Oreo is now home! and resting comfortably in a basket along side me while I work.

Yesterday I was getting conflicting reports from the doctors at the animal hospital. They seemed to think there was a reason to keep the catheter in longer, yet they were saying that there appeared to be no solid blockage and that it was the bladder spasms and swelling from being catheterized that was now causing Oreo to not be able to urinate. Which is what caused them to re-insert a catheter on Tuesday morning (after several hours without one overnight Monday and no urine). I kept asking if keeping the catheter in was really the best coarse.

Ended up having our vet contact the animal hospital vet. Our vet then called me and filled me in. She was in disagreement with a few things that the hospital did, and felt that it was in Oreo's best interest to have the catheter removed, then be observed for several hours. She actually felt he would perform better at home in a relaxed setting (away from the dog), only if we could watch him through the night. If he re-blocked, he would need medical attention immediately since we now know how badly his kidneys were affected.

So we contacted the hospital and finally got to speak to the doctor that was actually assigned to Oreo's case. She was working the night shift. She agreed to pull the catheter. We lucked out and only had haircuts and Religious Ed on the schedule last night - no football practice (yeah!), so we were able to make a family trip over to visit Oreo. Well minus Chris, as it was his night with his dad. He was bummed that he couldn't go.

Little Kevin was so excited to see his buddy. On the drive over he was stimming so much he was rocking the car!!! It was really great to see Oreo. He has lost some weight, his eyes look really tired, and his skin is extremely dry. His nose was not it's usual bright pink color. He kept nuzzling with the kids and us, and wanted only to be pet and loved! He even got a few drops of urine out while we were there. We did see that he ate a little of the prescription food too. His nose pinked up a bit while we were there too. But was not quite normal. We decided to leave him at the hospital since we really could not sit up over night to watch him. They were not going to release him anyway.

I just made the call to the hospital to see how he is doing....... He is ready to come home! 6 days in the hospital with tubes and all that. I'll bet he will be so happy to come back home. Of course he'll have to deal with Peaches and Java giving him the cold shoulder cause he'll smell like the hospital. They'll get over it! It will be so good to have him back home!!

I plan to pick him up at lunch break and work from home this afternoon so I can keep an eye on him.

And I know 3 boys that are going to be thrilled to see him when they get home from school!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement.

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  1. Good to see Oreo home. You definitely should celebrate the 'Oreo' way too! :)


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