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Monday, November 24, 2008

Making Memories

"You never know when you could be making a memory" A great quote! I had a chance to make some memories this weekend. My youngest son (Patrick) has dabbled in making cards and scrapbook pages and other crafty things. (see Scrapper in the Making). A friend of mine asked if he and I could make some cards for her. She wanted cards that she could use for her son's teachers at the holidays.

Sounded like a fun project. At first Patrick had no clue what to design. He looked at a few examples. He really liked a card he saw by Kim Hughes. So we scrap-lifted it. This was our first design:

We really had fun with this one. We even used an older (1958) Singer sewing machine to so the straight stitches. The zig-zags were done by hand.

This card may have been a bit too Christmas-y for the recipient, so we set out to design something different. We both liked the basic layout, so we stayed with that, but changed out the main elements. Watching the birds empty our feeders this time of year inspired this next design:

Since the cards would be coming from my friends son, I wasn't sure that this was the best design for him. So we came up with a third one that was non-religious and non-gender specific. Snowflakes! At least, I don't think I've ever read about snowflakes having a gender! LOL

This is the winning card! Inside each, Patrick placed an apple with holly leaves. As he said "an apple is the classic gift for teachers".

We set out to make some cards for a friend. What we ended up making was far more valuable. We made memories. We had fun working together, getting covered in adhesives and embossing powders, losing and finding strips and scraps of paper, chatting, laughing and sharing time together.

You just never know when you could be making a memory!

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