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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thinking INSIDE the box

OK, so typically we are trying to think of new ideas, creative and onnovative ways of doing things. And we call it "outside the box". In this case, I went INSIDE the box, lol !! I've been making so many holiday cards, that I wanted a place to keep them. So I built a box!
I'm sharing the instructions here with you. Hope you'll have fun with this. I've created one in very bright colors to keep birthday and all occasion cards that I've made too. It's fun and quick to do. Hope you enjoy!

Leave me a comment. I'd especially love to see what you make.

Card Box Instructions:

(click on the images to view larger)

12x12 cardstock for the box
10x6.5 cardstock for the lid
Ribbon (optional)
Eyelets (optional)
Magnets or Velcro (optional, I used Basic Grey's magnets)
Additional cardstock and embellishments as desired

1. Score the 12x12 cardstock at .75", 2.75", 9.25" and 11.25" on one length (as shown)
2. Score at 6" and 9" on the other length of that cardstock (as shown)
3. Cut at the red lines in the image, cutting away the 2 lower corners
4. Fold at score marks and assemble the box using adhesive
(I used additional cardstock scraps to reinforce the box for added strength
5. Round the front corners if you like.

1. Score the 10x6.5" cardstock at 4" and 7" on the 10" length as shown
2. Adhere the 3" section of the lid to the top/back of the box to create lid
3. Round the front flap corners if you like
4. If desired, punch holes in the sides of box and set eyelets. Insert ribbon and tie knots on the ends to create handle

1. If desired, attach magnet (or Velcro) where box front and lid flap/front meet to close. Cover magnet with scraps of cardstock and embellish. I used a circle punch to cut the cardstock for the magnet covers

I made a large box (using the measurements above) to hold 6.5"x5" cards. I scaled the size down to make a smaller one to hold notecards. Here are some photos of the boxes and the large one open with some of the cards:


  1. love this! Would make a beautiful gift set :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm going to make one to put a card set in for a gift. :)


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