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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Basket Case (card)

My mother loves baskets. She has many in her home and they are decorated so sweetly. I wanted to make a special card for her birthday.

I kept thinking that I want a basket on it. I don't have any basket stamps or die cuts. So... I made one! I wove a basket out of strips of cardstock. Then decorated it with flowers.

I didn't keep track of exact measurements while I was making it. But I did take photos.

I cut strips for the vertical straps 3/4" wide and for the horizontal straps 1/2" wide. Cut one additional 1/2"strip with one long edge mini-scalloped. This will be the top rim of the basket. And another thin strip to use as the handle.Cut another thin strip of a different color to accent the scalloped edge of the basket rim.
I inked the edges of all the strips to add depth to them.

Then cut a piece of plain (white) cardstock to be the base to weave your strips around. This will be the size of the basket.

First, lay the vertical strips evenly spaced on the white cardstock base. Fold them under the bottom edge of the cardstock.

Next weave the horizontal strips over and under (andalternating) the vertical strips.I also folded a thin strip around the cardstock at the bottom.

Now fold the horizontal strips around to the back of the base andsecure.

Next, adhere the alternate color strip under the top rim strip (scalloped). Now secure that as the top of the basket.

Now you can secure the handle, using a brad for detail. Adhere the entire basket to a card front. Embellish with flowers and stamps and other details.

Hope you enjoy this one!

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  1. This is absolutely darling!!! Is it in the gallery??
    alvie aka laceykat


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