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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Thinker

I had a wonderful conversation with my son Kevin last night. Now this may not seem like much - but with him it is a HUGE deal to have an exchange that goes back and forth for more than 2 or 3 exchanges. Communication is a challenge for him.

a little background:
I've taken the kids to the Museum of Art a few times. They have never seemed interested in much more than the arms & armor rooms.

Kevin has been going to art with the regular ed kids. He has an aid go with him. He is really enjoying the class. He was telling me about a piece that he remembered seeing at the museum!!! {so, he was paying attention!}

He also was talking about the statues David and The Thinker. He asked me what The Thinker was thinking. So I started saying things he may have been thinking and asked Kevin "what are your ideas of what he was thinking"

{hang on to your bellies for a good laugh}

He said {posing as The Thinker} "I wonder what David did with his pants"


  1. LMAO!!! Oh my goodness! That is classic!!

  2. That is so funny!!! WHat a great sense of humor he has!! Love it!!


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