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Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Robins!

Decided I would keep adding the updates on the baby robins to this one post.
Right near our berry patch is a blue spruce pine tree and in it is a Robin's nest. Momma bird is not happy when I go out to pick the berries. I've been peeking in on her babies. The first of 3 hatched on the morning of June 2. By the time I got home from work and could take a photo, all 3 were hatched.

I'll try to post photos each day so you can watch their development too. So check back to see how they are growing!

Wondering where the photo for "Day 4" is? It was such a rainy and busy day, I was not able to get a photo! So we jump ahead to day 5. Look how cute they are! They've got their eyes opened now!
Oh my, those babies are so hungry!

I've been wondering how long it might be before they leave the nest. So I've been doing some reading.

Both the mom & dad Robin help to build the nest. The dad typically picks the location while the mom does most of the building. It can take 2 to 6 days to build the nest.

The mom Robin lays one egg a day until she has 3-4 eggs. In our nest there were 3 eggs. Then she incubates them. She sits on them about 50 minutes out of every hour! Wow!

The nestling phase lasts about 9 to 16 days. During this time the mom & dad take turns feeding the babies. This is the phase that these babies are in.

The fledgling phase lasts up to 4 weeks. During this time the dad does most of the feeding. The mom, may be on her way to building the next nest for her second brood! Busy lady!

Update: Day 7
.... look at their little faces!
Yes - all 3 birds are still there. Here's a shot with the third bird. You can just make it out in the bottom of the nest.

Day 8 & 9 were much too rainy to get a photo. On Day 10, I was able to get out int he evening to get a photo of the three babies. They are so big now that they barely fit in the nest! You can just see the third beak peaking up from under the other two!

The very next morning, I went out to check on the babies, and they were gone! All that is left is the empty nest.

Bye Bye Birdies!


  1. Wow! The photos are awesome! Can't wait to see how they grow.

  2. Oh they are so sweet!! How lucky for you to see them grow!

  3. Wow! They sure do grow up and move on fast!


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