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Friday, June 5, 2009


This is today's harvest from the berry patch! Mmm, yummy. I'm gonna be washing them up and making some jam! A few years ago I planted a few strawberry plants in the landscape bed on our yard. And those plants have taken off.

We've only got a small patch where they can grow, but they yield quite a bit. Last year I had enough berries to enjoy smoothies, make jam and freeze several bags of the little red beauties! In fact one day I picked so many berries I decided I had to weigh them. There were 21 pounds of berries from just that one day!

I'm looking forward to some toast with fresh homemade jam!


  1. Yummy! So fun to grow fruits in your own yard!

  2. That is a lot! Hmm...strawberry shortcake?

  3. Oh yum!! Pound cake, strawberries and a dab of whip cream or a side of vanilla ice cream!


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