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Monday, July 13, 2009


The mere whisper of the word Summertime, conjures up thoughts of warm sunshine, swimming, bar-b-ques, baseball games and a slower pace to life. Slower pace? Yeah, I wish! Seems there is so little time in summer that we attempt to cram as much fun in to it as we can! Don't want to miss out on any of the "fun in the sun".

We spent a few days at the beach recently with cousins and extended family. We managed to slow the pace down, if only briefly. To relax and just be together. Its the kind of gathering that is a string of fabulous memories being made, one moment after another. There is laughter, sharing, fun, food, and smiles to last a lifetime.

I'm so glad that we make the time to do this. It's great not only for us "grown-ups" to reflect and continue to share wonderful time together, but it is even more meaningful to watch as our children bond and grow and share with each other. They'll talk about these times and the memories created throughout their lives.

It's really good stuff.

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