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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I had a ball working with this mixed media album from Fancy Pants Design. The pages are a mix of acrylic, felt and chipboard. It's an 8x8 album with a nice half bracket shape. The shape and the textures of the pages really make it an appealing album to take your time browsing through and recalling all the fun memories. I packed mine with some of the various traditions that we have at Christmas time.
The ever growing collection of snowmen and Santas..... and a few nutcrackers too. They look great on this grand mantle. The collection has grown to need display room in other areas of the house as well. The acrylic pages allow you to see the colors and patterns from the adjoining pages. This really helps the design of the album flow throughout.
Finding a tree is always a treat. Love walking through the farm taking in the scent of all those wonderful pines and fir trees. Then we decorate the tree with lots and lots of lights. The ornaments have been hand-made, handed down or collected from places we have visited, or from special things we have done that year.
Hoping for snow becomes an obsession for the boys at the holidays. Sometimes we get lucky and have some snow before Christmas. No matter, enjoying hot cocoa on a chilly winter day is a definite favorite of ours. As is making up our annual newsletter and cards to family and friends.
Mmmmm... can you smell the scent of freshly baked cookies??? This is by far one of our most favorite traditions at the holiday.. COOKIES!! Lots and lots of 'em! My oldest has taken to making a special Austrian-Czech Christmas bread too. Takes a long tome to make, but it's well worth it!!
Yeah - we're goofy. We like weird Santa hats!
As the holiday draws closer, we visit the Jolly Ol' Elf. This is always a special day.
And then on Christmas Eve when the anticipation is at it's highest, we read the Polar Express. Great story. Then all snug in our beds, we try to sleep! Wonder if there were visions of sugar plums?? The holidays are such a great time. Lot of fun and festivities and many memories in the making.

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  1. Cathy_ I love it! All the detail is great and truly eye candy.


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