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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year - Old Habits

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? I'd love to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment and share some of your resolutions.

I'm still working on some goals. You see, I don't want to set goals that create stress, but rather ones that help me stay on target. I did a great job through the holiday season of keeping my values as the focus during that time. I'd like to do the same throughout the year.

Typically I would have a list of resolutions that I want to improve or do to make my life more "perfect". As a new year begins I would make myself all these promises. But round about March, I would find myself slacking. And my family would pay the price with me as I succumb to way too much stress!! So this in one old habit I'm going to break away from. I accept that I am not perfect (not sure if my family is as accepting, lol). I've come to realize that a certain level of 'benign neglect' is helpful to create a peaceful happy "balanced" life. Some things will just have to be 'OK'. Such as cleaning my house.... instead of cleaning to the point of sterility, it will be clean enough! And I'm OK with that!

With this mindset, I look ahead into 2010 and I resolve to:
  • Be a better mom, wife and friend
  • Make healthier choices
  • Strengthen my faith
  • Send a box of cards to the troops every month
  • Spend less
  • Exercise more
  • Do something creative every chance I can
  • Spend more "fun" time with my family
  • Find time for me
That said...... I did something creative yesterday!! And it was time for me (nailed 2 resolutions in 1 shot!) Yeah. And it felt great! I created this page to add to my BOM (Book Of Me).

So what are your resolutions? I hope you find less stress, greater peace and focus during 2010!


  1. Awesome goals, Cathy! I love that layout, too!

  2. great goals :D

    love the LO, esp that you included the coffee sleeve :D

  3. This is a great layout!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog on the SC blog hop!!!! Best Wishes for 2010

  4. I wanted to thank you for joining us on the Scrapbook Challenges New Years blog hop. Also for leaving me such a wonderful comment on my blog & following me. I do appreciate it very much.

    I hope you will continue to play with us over on Scrapbook Challenges - we have a lot of great thing coming up this year & visiting my blog. :)


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