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Monday, February 1, 2010

Stitched with Love

Stitching on layouts can be a ton of fun! This started out as a layout to fit a specific color scheme and turned into something way more! The color scheme was to use the red, blue, cream and kraft. I remembered these photos of my oldest son and my mom and one of the quilts that she made. I decided to use them in this venture.

I wanted the page to reflect the idea of creativity. My mom is one of the sources that inspires me to be creative. She has dabbled in many crafts and expressions of her artistic tendencies. Several years ago she really found her calling. She makes some of the most beautiful quilts you've ever seen. Her creations are stunning to the eye and evoke emotions of love and warmth and happiness. I wanted to capture that somehow on this page.

My mother has always been creative with needle and thread. So of course I *had* to include stitching on the page as well. I have been fortunate to have received 2 of her "old" sewing machines as hand-me-downs. My go-to machine is a 1957 Singer. It still runs like a charm. I love it! It can only do straight stitches, but that machine and I have a long history together from sewing doll clothes as a child to making things for my own children. I'm so glad that my mom gave it to me when she moved on to a better machine.

A few years ago, when she upgraded machines again, I was lucky to receive her "old" machine then too. Now this machine has cams that can do some flexi-stitching. There are all sorts of settings that have to be controlled to make it do what you want. I've not ventured into using this one. I've been a bit timid. Until this page. I wanted to do a zig-zag stitch. So I broke out the 2nd machine to do the stitching. Read through teh instruction manual and made myself give it a whirl. And it worked! I was so thrilled.

The title was hand stitched. I just didn't think I could get a machine to make all those loops and turns for the letters! I used french knots to dot the i's.

A few months ago when I was visiting her, my mom handed me a tin box filled with trims that she no longer needed. I found that beautiful lace in there. Isn't that gorgeous! I've been using some of the laces and trims on several cards and projects. Pretty cool to kinda have a piece of my mom on the page about her!

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing this page and maybe found some inspiration to try stitching on your own pages. It's really fun!


  1. ooooo, i love that it looks like quilting squares - gorgeous :D

  2. Very pretty layout - the stitching is great!

  3. You Stitched with Love layout is absolutely fabulous....love love it. tfs.


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