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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Clean Up

Have you started Spring cleaning?  I have.  Well, I've been doing some home renovations and that has forced me to need to do some major cleaning.  You know how a project can start out sounding so simple, but then you add another idea, another plan, and before you know it your little project has snowballed into a major overhaul?  Yep that's what's going on at my home!

Since I was cleaning up, purging and refreshing the house, I thought I'd spruce up my blog too!  I've added some fresh elements.  If you were visiting today, you may have stumbled here while I was in the midst of re-arranging things.  Sorry if there were any bumps and glitches. Hope it didn't disrupt your visit.  I think I've got it all settled down now.

Until the cleaning bug bites me again!  :-)

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