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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to do with a Bad Photo

I have this photo that I really like.  It was taken back in the day of film cameras, remember those?  LOL.  I no longer have the negative or the original print, I only have a really poor quality scan of the photo.  But you know what?  It can still be scrapped!

I brought the scan into Photoshop and used  VirtualPhotographer by OptikVerve Labs.  And voila, I've got a nice vintage look to my photo.

The day this was taken was so much fun.  We went hiking through some snow and ice. The day was filled with warm smiles. I'm so glad to have this photo to remind me of that great time together.

Man In the Moon/GG Digital: I {heart} mommy
Marks Company: August, Welcome Fall
Megan Turnidge: Mother's Love
KPertiet: Petite Paper Flowers
Sahlin Studios: Enjoy the Moment

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