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Friday, July 2, 2010

July 4th Celebration and All Those Buns!

Title got your attention?  Here in the US we are getting ready to celebrate our nation's birthday!!  There will be cook-outs and parades and baseball games and fireworks!!  Speaking of baseball games....  my youngest is playing on a summer tournament team.  This past week finished up the first of the tournaments and their team won the championship!  I created this scrapbook page for my son's album.

I used the Essential Background papers by Jenn Barrette and the Yankee Doodle Doo Kit by Designs by Tater and Keep Scrappin Designs (all available at Scrapmatters).  The frame, brushes, star and tag are by Katie Pertiet.

Now you're probably wondering "what about the buns?".  Well with all the cook -outs planned this weekend there are bound to be some left over hot dog or hamburger buns.  Now just what do you do with all those buns?  Here's an idea.....  Make french toast!  That's just what I did recently.  The boys kinda balked about it at first, but then they ended up really liking them!

The trick is to really let the buns slurp up some of that sweet egg batter.  This will help make them nice and moist.

I hope you enjoy your weekend plans, Happy Birthday America!  And enjoy your breakfast too!


  1. happy 4th, love those digi fireworks :D

  2. Hi - I am really happy to find this. great job!


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