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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Did a little antiquing over the past weekend.  Added some great boxes and trays to my stash. They'll be showing up in future projects.  For now I've got these two to share.

Found this cutlery tray.  It fits right in with my newly redecorated dining room!
Wondering how long it will be before the cats start eating the decorations? They love to chew on those faux berries.

This old Kraft cheese box makes a great platform for the cast iron Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.  Snow White is my favorite princess!
Fits in well with the more current decor, doesn't it?  The birdhouse I just made a few months ago and the pottery my sister painted for me several years ago.

By the way - if you are a collector, I know my set is missing Bashful.  Just haven't been able to find him yet!

That's all for today. I've got several projects in the works. Hope to be sharing those soon!

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