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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bird Rescue

We really enjoy having the wild birds come to the feeders close to the house to eat. They are just so pretty to look at and their songs are soothing.  Today before running out to the market, one of our cats, Oreo, had gotten himself a great view of a bird eating at the feeder just outside the kitchen window. That's OK. The cats just watch.  But when I got back from the market, Oreo was still there and so was the same little bird. Although the bird was looking a bit forlorn.
I tried to shoo the bird away, but he didn't leave.  I walked out back and went right up to the feeder, and the bird still did not leave.  So I grabbed some gloves to help the little birdie. Of course, first I snapped some photos to scrap!  I had to lift the feeder down and gently untangle the poor birds foot.

At first he hopped on the ground near me. Then he scooted off under a bush.  A few seconds later he flew out, breezed passed me then headed to the back of the yard.  Looks like he is going to be OK.

I made this quick page to capture the photos and the memory.

Tweet, tweet!

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