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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chosing Words

During a really great chat recently with a close friend of mine, she reminded me to choose my words so that they reflect where I want to be. The words we use to express ourselves can really influence our energy. I was talking about things I am working toward, goals and projects, hopes and dreams. I was using words like "when I have time" or "I just need more time".

What I didn't realize was the negative draw that was making on my progress.  I was setting myself up to never have time!  So I'm being a bit more aware of the terms I'm using and how I look at my goals.  Rather than someday, I want to bring that focus to now. Now seems a bit limited. It is fleeting and doesn't last. I don't want to fail if I don't accomplish it NOW!

So I've thought about using "presently".  It gives me focus on the here and now, without feeling like there is an hour glass about to expire.  Yet keeps me from feeling as if I've pushed things off to some nugget of time in the future.  Besides, who doesn't want to receive "presents"??!!!

How about you?  Have you got any terms you use that are zapping your energy?  What words can you replace them with to keep yourself positive and motivated? 

Share them here, presently!!  :-)

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  1. I participated in a round-table discussion last year about changing careers and the leader of the discussion said that instead of us saying, "I need to do this", we should say "I WANT to do this." That way, whatever the "this" is, it won't sound like a chore if you "need" to do it.


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