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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hybrid License Plate Mini-Album

All this past week or so I've been snatching a moment here and there to finish up work on a vacation mini-album.  I had this idea floating about in my head before we even went on the trip.  I couldn't wait to get it done so I could share it with you.

We had a huge family vacation at the Jersey Shore this past summer.  There was so much fun and so many great memories, I knew I wanted to make a special album.  So I used (recycled) and old license plate as my album cover.

I'm going to be sharing more about how this album was made in a post at Ideas For Scrapbookers on Tuesday (Oct. 5).  For now I'll just give you a sneak peek!

Now that it is done, perhaps I'm a bit more ready to say good-bye to Summer and welcome Fall.


  1. What a unique idea. Can't wait to see the whole album.

  2. that license plate as an album cover is super inspired - very cool :D


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