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Friday, October 15, 2010


Ever feel like you've been given a ticket to ride an emotional roller coaster?  Yeah.  I've had a lot of that lately!  Not to worry, the good always out-weighs the bad.  And luckily, I really like roller coasters!!

My youngest became a teenager this week.  Here he is with his fav bday present (from his uncle).  It's a quick cell phone photo.... gonna have to get a good pic to scrap with!

Yesterday I received the senior portraits for my oldest.  I just had to scrap.

My journaling reads:

It’s an emotional year. It’s a busy year. It’s your senior year.  You sit on the threshold of your dreams. I envy you. Your positive energy and your hope for the future are admirable. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ll be working even harder from this point forward. You’re building your confidence and self-esteem. A can-do attitude is going to take you to new adventures and possibilities. Watching you learn and grow has been a wonderful journey for me. Just when I think I can not be any more proud of you, you prove me wrong. You have a brilliant, creative mind. Your ideas, your outlook and your belief in yourself are going to take you far.
Your horizons are limitless.

Make sure to stop back on Monday..... all the artists at Ideas For Scrapbookers are having a blog hop.  I'll be having a RAK at my post!

Aviator by Stolen Moments and JennCK Designs
Fuss Free: Fall for Me by Fiddle-dee-dee Designs

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  1. Love that Steelers Hat!!!! He is a smart boy to be a Steelers fan out East! :)


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