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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lighting Up Halloween

I just made these awesome lanterns to light up my entry way for Halloween.  They are a great craft to do with kids.  Easy skills and you'll be recycling.  Good stuff to be teaching the little critters in our lives!

You're going to need a few recycled glass jars.  No plastic ones for this project! So go ahead, eat that last bit of apple sauce, you know you want to!  Then wash and dry your jars.  I used some spaghetti sauce jars for mine.  You just have to make sure you use glass and not plastic, because you're going to be putting a candle in it.  The plastic ones would melt and burn.

You'll also need:
Tissue paper
Decoupage medium (I used Mod Podge)
Paint (if desired)
Ribbons (if desired)
Halloween craft elements (if desired)

After you've washed and dried the jar and removed the lid, cut your tissue paper into strips. Protect your work surface.  Then place your jar upside down on the protected work surface. Coat the jar with your decoupage medium. Adhere the strips of tissue paper one at a time, being certain to smooth out as many wrinkles as possible.  As you apply the next strip of tissue paper, overlap the edges just slightly.  Continue until you've covered the jar with the tissue paper.

Once this is set, apply a top sealant coat of your decoupage medium all over the covered jar.  Allow this to dry thoroughly.

You can use all the same colored tissue paper on your jar, or use different colors to create a fun striped look.

Once the sealant coat is dry, you can embellish your jar. Perhaps you'd like to make a jack-o-lantern face.  I used some punches to create the eyes for Frankenstein. I sketched the hair, smile and stitches on cardstock and cut them out with scissors.

For the haunted house lantern, I used digital scrapbook elements from the Spooky Town kit.

I painted the rim (where the lid would screw on) on my jars with black paint, then covered them with Halloween themed ribbons.

If you are using a regular flame candle inside your luminaries, please be mindful and monitor it constantly.  Check to be sure that it does not get excessively hot, is never left burning unattended, and that the candle does not burn down close to the bottom of the jar. Also, it's a good idea when you are burning candles in your house to place your house/car keys near the candle, that way you won't leave home without forgetting to blow out the candle first! (My husband the Fire Marshal insisted that I mention these safety tips!). You could use one of those awesome little flameless battery operated tea lights instead!

Have fun recycling your jars and lighting the way for some trick-or-treaters at your house!


  1. This is SO CUTE!!! My son and I are going to make some of these tomorrow! What a great way to teach him about recycling. And of course, not having to deal with yucky pumpkin stuff is always a plus for this mom! ;) TFS!!

  2. I will most definitely be doing this!! Fabulous tutorial Cathy! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. These are so awesome!! Wonderful job!!!


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