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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Projects from this week

Nearly a week has gone by since I posted. Really?  Oh my.  Time sure is flying!!!  Well, how about you take a minute to sit and catch up with me?  Grab a cup of tea, or coffee and let's share.

It has been a busy week.  Not just with projects, but also with life in general.  One of our dogs, the puppy, had her spay surgery.  She has developed what the vet believes (and we hope) to be a seroma at the incision site. Basically a sack of fluid.  We are hoping that is what it is. The other thing it could be is a hernia. Although when it was aspirated, it appeared to just be fluidy.  It's not bothering Narnia at all. And we'll just have to wait and see if her body reabsorbs the fluid. In the mean time, we have to try to keep a happy active puppy a bit less active!  No small task!!

It's also college application time for my oldest son. We've been working really hard at getting those applications completed.  It's way more work now than it was when I went to college!  I know, that was a L-O-N-G time ago.... in a galaxy far, far away!!  LOL  Sorry, but we love Star Wars!

Anyway - the first response came back from one of the colleges. I'm really happy to report that he was accepted there! I'm so very proud of him. And it was one of his top 2 picks!!  Oh these next few months should be fun. Waiting on more responses, sorting through all the details and ultimately deciding where he will attend.

OK - enough about life in our house...........  here are the projects I've completed this week.
I've been busily creating some pendants both for custom orders and to stock the shelves at my shop.

If you are interested in any of these, you can find them HERE at my Etsy shop, or you can email me.

I made this card for my mother - an avid quilter and seamstress.
I used the Sew Crafty kit by Chelle's Creations and Erica Zane for that one. Mom loved it!

This layout was made using the brand new template pack and the Family Matters kit by WM[squared] Designs.

I just love those pics and those memories. It really was fun to watch the kids experience the non-theme park sides of Walt Disney World. Yes they were taken at Disney World, at the ranch. I can remember going there as a child when we camped at Fort Wilderness.  It's definitely worth the time to trek over there!

Are you still reading?  Wow!  Thanks!  This has turned into a really long post.  I'm also working on some holiday projects.....  I'm going to share those with you in another post.  You've probably already finished your cup of tea or coffee by now.

Thanks for spending some leisure time with me. How has your week been?


  1. wow those necklaces rock!!! You are SOOO TALENTED!!

  2. WOW gr8 stuffy & I hope your puppy is feeling better & gl w/ the college stuff

  3. You have created more beautiful jewelry!!!!! I'm thinking that sticking a pin through the vail would turn some of these into really nice pins too. I think my fav is the Santa Belt one and the 3 Kings one. Just gorgeous.

  4. those pendants would be great for presents...I just wish I lived closer to you...and not "elsewhere", lol!

  5. Those pendants are gorgeous! I hope your puppy gets better!


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