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Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a Wrap!

So hard to believe that Christmas is already past.  Only a few days left to this year! We got zonked with a blizzard yesterday, and a bit of the storm is hanging on today.  Which has helped to extend that "day-after-Christmas" feel.  I think we'll be staying inside as much as possible today - it's very cold and windy out!

I know I've mentioned before that my mom is a quilter.  I'm so excited to share this Christmas gift that she made for my hubby and I .... a beautiful quilt for our bed.  Sorry for the blurring on the sides of the photo, but my room is a mess with the after effects of the holidays!  I really didn't want you to see the clutter, but rather the gorgeousness of this wonderful creation! Isn't it pretty?!!  Thank you Mom, I know this took you many. many hours of love to make!  I feel so lucky to have such a talented mother.  Thanks for creating this for us. I love it!!!

And so do the cats!!!  Oreo could not wait to jump on and try it out!

We also had another special Christmas memory in our house. My oldest son is in his senior year of high school. He has been applying to colleges.  His top choice happens to be the college where  my father, brother and uncle all graduated from and a very well known and respected engineering school. My son wants to study engineering.  

Well..... the acceptance letter arrived several weeks ago.  But I thought it would be really neat to wrap it up and have him open it on Christmas to share that moment of finding out with his Grandad.  I wrapped up two gifts, a framed senior portrait of my son for Grandad, and the acceptance letter for my son.  Here they are sharing that moment together.

I hope the warmth of the holidays is continuing in your home!


  1. What a beautiful quilt!! I wish I had her talent ...maybe someday. Enjoy being wrapped in love every time you lay down to rest.

  2. The Quilt is Beautiful.
    The colors are perfect.


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