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Friday, December 24, 2010

We "Knead" Traditions

It is Christmas Eve!  Time for peace, hope, magic and celebration. It's also a time steeped in traditions.  We have several traditions in our home at the holidays.  Today my oldest son and I are carrying out one of our favorites.  We are making and baking Vanocka a traditional Christmas bread tied to our Czech-Austrian ancestors.

It takes several hours to make. It is truly a labor of love. The love part is the time that we spend together as we make up the dough.  These pictures are from a few years ago when I actually took time to snap some photos of us in the process.

The house smells wonderful with the mix of warm spices, fruit and nuts.

One of the toughest parts to making this bread is the braiding. There are three braided layers stacked on top of each other.  Some say it represents the baby Jesus wrapped in cloth and cradled in the manger.

I've preserved this in a mini-album I created about our Christmas Traditions.

I'm really looking forward to enjoying some of this bread tomorrow as we celebrate Christmas with family.  So tell me, what are some of your treasured traditions?

Merry Christmas!

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