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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanks on the Edge

After the holidays we have so many thank you cards to write up.  This year I designed a hybrid card using digi papers and elements.

I used Spring like colors to contrast to the typical winter holiday colors and because I'm really looking forward to warmer temperatures!!!  I printed several copies of the flower and cut out the various sections of each. I layered them with foam dots between to give it dimension.

The focal point of the card "Thanks" I placed on the edge and cut out. This gives the card more dimension and texture and draws attention to the gratitude being delivered.

Hope this inspires you!


  1. Cathy you have so many beautiful creations on display in you blog! I loved seeing the bread, it looks so good, and your cat Oreo is so cute sitting up there on your new, very gorgeous, quilt! Your mum is so talented - I guess that's where you get your creativity from! I love spending time here...


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