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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Spring is not quite here, but I've already started the process of cleaning and de-cluttering.  Today I attacked the piles of magazines.  There are some magazines I like to keep, others I like to browse and then recycle.

I've been guilty of leaving the browse-then-recycle ones laying about on tables and surfaces.  So I created this....... 
Maybe "create" is not the best choice of words.  I altered this.  I've had the magazine holder in the basement holding some old trade magazines.  I got 3 of them at the dollar store for $1.  Yep! $1 at the dollar store - what do you know!

So I prettied it up with some digi papers, ribbon and flowers.  Now I can have it sitting out in the family room and hold all my magazines until I get a chance to read them.

In case you are wondering, here is what it looked like before I altered it.
That's one of our cats, Java.  She was curious about what I was doing and wouldn't leave me alone.

Now back to the rest of the de-cluttering!  It's never-ending!

Digi kit: Vanilla Noir by Quirky Twerp
Ribbon: Michaels
Flowers: Prima, Queen & Co
Gems: Queen & Co.

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