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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great Trip, but Something is Missing

This past summer was my first summer to be at home with my kids. I really cherished the time.  We got do a lot of fun activities and take several day trips.  One of those trips was a day to explore Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  I had not been there since I was a kid.  Well, actually I had never been to Ellis Island, because it was not open to the public when I was last in that area.  If you ever have the fortune of having time to make that trip, allow yourself plenty of time. We could have easily spent at least an entire day at Ellis Island.  It is really amazing.  It felt like I was walking through a 3-dimensional life size scrapbook!  I so enjoyed learning the history and reading the quotes and journals from people that immigrated through there and worked there.  It was as if their spirits were taking you on a guided tour.

We caught the ferry from the Jersey side.  So our first stop was Ellis Island, then on to the Status of Liberty.  She is just gorgeous! The park land is an awesome place to enjoy a picnic and the scenery beckons for you to linger and take it all in.  The views of the city and the busy harbor are just breath taking.

I just couldn't help but feeling a profound sense of loss and grief as I gazed on the view of Lower Manhattan.  Even though the Twin Towers are no longer there, I still "see" them. The impact of September 11, 2001 and the many people who lost their lives in the attacks on our country are fresh in my heart.  As I stood there praying for all those people and their families, I was also overcome with a feeling of great pride for the strength of the American Spirit.

My parents took a photo of my brother and I as children when we visited the Statue. In the background the towers were just then under construction. I treasure that photo.  As I took this series of photos, I knew that I would treasure them as well.  I hope my children always will too.  I knew I had to scrap this.... for me and for them!

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  1. Awesome and powerful post, Cathy. And what a beautiful photo and layout.


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