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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Is there something that you collect?  You know, every where you go you get attracted to these items?  You have a growing collection of them.  I've got a few things that I collect, snowmen, Santa's and coffee mugs.  I'm giving you a glimpse inside my cabinet where some of my mugs hang out.  They wait there patiently for me to come each morning and stare at them.  I get a feel for what type of day it is going to be and then I chose the mug to get the day started. I like to start the day off with coffee or tea.  And the mood of the mug can help get me mentally ready to face the day!

These types of things are what we should really make sure we document.  Do a scrapbook page for your "Book of Me" about your collections.  Wait, you do have a Book of Me, don't you?  You can include a photo of your items, or maybe an actual item depending on what you collect like coins, stamps, cloth, etc.  Or maybe you collect something that could be used to make elements for your page. Are you an avid gardener?  You could use some of your flowers or vegetables to decorate the page. You could make a stamp from some vegetables use them to paint or ink your page.  A dried pressed flower from your prized garden could be preserved as a pretty accent.

Yesterday as I was doing my daily mug selection, I decided it was time to do another page about my collection of mugs.  I couldn't possible fit them all in a photo.  But this conveys the feeling for me. It will be included in my Book of Me.

Now about that Book of Me - did you say you don't have one?  You really should.  I know it's common for us scrapbooker/crafters to be the ones that TAKE all the photos and do all the documenting and preserving of memories. And they mainly tend to involve the others in our lives.  But don't forget to take time to journal and preserve things about yourself too!

**edit:  I realize that you can't read the journaling on the page and wanted to share that with you.
"I have this tiny little minor obsession with coffee mugs.   I love them.  Seriously.  Every where we go, I usually add to my growing collection.  Each of them gives me a certain feeling, sets a mood for me.  It might just remind me of a fun trip, or a great place that we visited, some special time that we had or moment that we shared.  Some have been  special gifts  from others. Many of them are from Disney.  I’ve collected mugs from Disney World as well as Disneyland.  I have a lot of special memories from Disney. Believe it or not, each mug reminds me of it’s own set of special Disney times. This picture is only a few of the mugs that I have.  Two-thirds of one cabinet in the kitchen is filled with mugs. I used to have more.  I lost them years ago. I actually miss some of them.  Every morning I open the cabinet and think about what kind of day it will be. Then I select the mug that will help me get my day started. I use my mugs for both coffee and tea. My most favorite mug of all is the one centered in this photo. The blue mug with the snowman painted on it. My son Kevin made that for me (with some help from his teachers) many years ago. I save that one for the really special days.  Hello, my name is Cathy, and I am addicted to mugs!"

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