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Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Zoo

Yes we have a zoo!  We have really soft hearts when it comes to animals.  We have rescued a number of pets over the years. Currently we have 2 dogs, 3 cats and one bird.  Have you ever considered a rescue pet?  It is an amazing experience. There are so many wonderful animals out there just waiting to find a loving home.  If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, you should really give rescue/adoption a try.

We had this food theme going with our pet's names. It just sort of happened.  The orange and white cat started it all. The boys thought she looked like peaches and cream, so they named her Kitty Peaches.  We call her Peaches for short.

The two black cats are feral.  We found them abandoned by their mother when they were only about 3 weeks old. I had to hand feed them until they were hold enough to eat on their own.  When the boys saw the first of them (the tuxedo looking cat), my youngest shouted out "let's call him Oreo". His sister became Java as she is mostly black with just a touch of cream!

We then rescued the black lab/pit bull mix.  She was left to wonder the streets of a near by city at only 8 weeks old.  She would have been euthanized by a shelter if we had not rescued her.  She has become a wonderful addition to our family.  Being that she is mostly black and super charged with lots of energy, she was given the creative name of Pepper. Believe me, it is very fitting!

Then our youngest added two birds to the family. A yellow budgie that he named Maize, and a green budgie that he named Jalapeno.  Unfortunately we recently lost Jalapeno.  His beautiful singing is missed, but Maize still has plenty of company.

Just this year we adopted the bull dog from a friend.  Her name is Narnia.  My young cousin keeps asking why we did not name her Salt.... It would go so perfect with her sister Pepper!!!  LOL.  She was already named when we adopted her. Plus, her personality is not salty at all. She is a very special member of our family too.  She has a really great connection with my one son that has autism.  It's amazing to see the two of them interact.

Time to feed the animals... well at least the fur and feathered ones!!!


  1. You are so right about rescued animals! Angie is rescued & she is so loving!!! I love your bulldog in particular... she is a cutie!

  2. I know I've commented on this layout before, but this is such an extra cute 'Day In The Life' layout project! In the end, you are certainly lucky & blessed to be surrounded by feathers, fur, little paws & lots of licks & love! XO


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