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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's and Memories

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since you've probably got more than your share of candy to eat, I thought I'd spare your teeth from further cavities and share some eye candy with you today!  I have two projects to share with you.  This first is a page that I did about my sister.
Sister-love is a really special thing.  When we were growing up, we were "just" sisters.  You know, related, but not really close?  Our age difference and personality differences stood in our way. I admit, I'm the older sister.  Somehow despite all the lousy sibling pranks I played on her, we grew closer over the years. I'm really blessed now to call her not only my sister, but my good friend!  I love this photo of her, it really shows off her fun enchanting personality!

The jounraling on this page reads: "My sister and I are like two very different birds.  She was always the one that knew how to fly. She has courage, a sense for adventure and a willingness to try new things. Her outlook on life is happy and contagious. She adds so much fun to life. Me, I kept a lot closer to the nest. We were just sisters growing up. Age and personality differences  kept us from being close.I may be the older sister, but I learned a a lot by watching her make the most of  life.I’m so glad that we have now become really close friends."

The second project that I am sharing is a year-in-review page of the many wonderful memories from 2010.  I spent nearly two days working on it. It took time to select and process each photo.  There are 132 photos on this one page! Yikes!  And these are but a few of the photos that I took last year! Yeah - I love taking photos.  That's also why I am not in many of the photos!

OK - now you can go dig into those Valentine chocolates and candies!

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