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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Picnic

We finally had some warmer weather the end of last week. The more than 2 feet of snow that seems to have been on the ground all winter long, finally melted away!  Then we had 2 days of sustained 60mph winds!  We actually tried to get out for walks in that.  You had to lean at such an angle into the wind it made walking serious business. Not to mention it just pulled the breath right out of you. It was exhausting!
Today, even though it was back to cooler temps, the sun was shining!  There was a strong breeze, but not the tree-knocking-down powerful winds we had recently. And we were all home at one point, that hasn't happened in a long while!  So we got out for a winter picnic.  We built a fire and roasted hot dogs, hot cocoa, and marshmallows.
When we we were done cooking, putting out the fire was easy. We just used some of the remaining snow.  The boys thought that was really fun to "roast snow".  Maybe that will be the title of the scrapbook page I make about this???!!!  We enjoyed a nice hike together too.

The temperatures are dropping today and they are forecasting snow tonight. Spring however is just around the corner!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. It's so great when the weather gets to the first point at the end of winter that you can actually go outside!! I am glad that you all had fun!

  2. I am passing along the Stylish Blogger award to you.

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