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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Age is Just a Number

I was working with a new digital kit by Kim B and Jen Reed called Eat Cake: Boy.  The also have a "girl" version of the kit. It's filled with pinks and purples and greens. The purples and blues of the "boy" kit just tugged at me! I ended up making a rather feminine card with the kit.

 I did some wet paper technique to create the flower from some petals I cut using one of my Sizzix dies.  They were just too flat to put on the card without jazzing them up. I even blinged them with some gorgeous chunky glitter.

The Eat Cake Word Art that I used on the front of the card, begged me to add this sentiment inside the card!  hehehe!!!

I made a matching envelope using Cover It Up: Invitations by Krisi's Kreations.

Above is the front of the envelope.......
 .... and this is the back.

Now I wonder who this will be going to?  :)


  1. That card of the age is just way too cute! Love them!

  2. This is really adorable. What did you use to get the chunky glitter to stick? Do you have a tutorial for the wet flower techniques?

  3. Thanks for the comments!!
    SugarGem - To adhere the glitter I used white glue that I carefully applied to just certain areas of the flower petals. You can use a q-tip or fine paint brush to apply the glue. And yes, I do have a tutorial for the flower. You can find it in this post on my blog: http://scrappycath.blogspot.com/2010/12/brilliant-birthday.html

  4. Thank you Cathy. I read your tutorial and you know I've made these before. Mine looked terrible almost dirty. Maybe I used too much water?. I'm loving this one you did because I think you used bigger petals? I have an idea for this. I will link you when I finish it. Thank you so much. Love your blog


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