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Friday, April 1, 2011

Etched in My Memory

The photo on this layout was taken in July 2005 while on vacation in the Outer Banks. It's a terrible rendering of an old scan from a printed copy.... in other words, not a very high quality image. But a precious one just the same. My middle son was just 8 years old. He did not have much speech or language skills then. He could say a few words to get his point across, but not really form sentences, and conversations were beyond him at that time. He has autism. As well as a few other challenges. All intertwined among the many, many blessings and talents that he possesses.

Back on this particular morning, he needed to get away from the chaos of the vacation home. He was so anxious to get to the quiet of the beach, he went in his PJ's!

The morning walk we had along the beach has become a very special memory for me. Without speaking and despite how distant he was, we made a connection. Unfortunately, I don't have any really great photos from that morning. At least not ones that I can share. The good "photos" are images that are etched in my memory.

To enhance the look of the photo on this layout, I used a photo mask to help take the photo up a notch.

I also used gradients to blend the papers to create the look of sunrise along the ocean.

My journaling reads:
"An early morning walk along the beach with you. It became an etching on my mind. Many times when you are having one of those really difficult, trying days, I recall this morning. Those moments spent walking along the shore with you, with peace in your heart and no problems of the world infringing on you, those are some of my most cherished memories."

April is Autism Awareness Month. I have two children on the spectrum. I'll be sharing more about autism with you throughout the month. Please learn more by visiting one of these sites:

Digital kit: Daybreak by Jennifer Labre
Blending Mask by Happy Scrap Girl
Date elements by WM Squared Designs


  1. A beautiful layout, and a more beautiful memory. Photos don't have to be perfect to capture a perfect memory. My son is on the spectrum, and we took lots of those walks when family events overwhelmed him-- its wonderful that you were able to capture it at all!

  2. This is an outstanding layout! You really did do a piece of art here! Wonderful!

  3. Cathy this is a gorgeous layout and a wonderful reminder of a special time. Beautiful work!


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