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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A quick little post to share a layout I worked on recently. It is rare that I get my picture taken. I'm usually the one behind the lens. And then it's even more rare that I get a photo with my hubby.  We were all dressed up for a family wedding recently and that was a good excuse to take some pics of the boys.

Then one of the boys was kind enough to snap a photo of me and my honey.  Not the greatest photo, not quite in focus.... but that doesn't really matter.  It's us, it's now and it's worthy of being preserved with all those special memories!

Look through your photos, I'll bet you've got some pictures that aren't award winners, but they evoke some really special memories and emotions. Go ahead. Scrap them!  It's OK.


  1. What a beautiful layout!

    This picture is better than some I've taken. I don't take the greatest photos but I always use the best of the batch for my layouts.


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