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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Dirty Dishes

The day after Thanksgiving. I cannot even believe it!  Time is flying by this year.  While lots of people are out and about shopping on Black Friday, I was reflecting on all my blessings.  I really am thankful for dirty dishes!

All those dishes that needed to be washed after the feast yesterday represent so much. We would not have had the dishes with out having family and friends that gathered to enjoy time and a delicious meal together. We would not have had the food for the feast without the job to have the money to buy the food, or the store and the workers there to get the food from the shelves.  The food would not have been at the store with out the farms, farmers, and companies that prepare and package all the foods. We would not have had the freedom to celebrate without our troops fighting to protect our freedoms.  A heartfelt thank you from me to all involved in helping my family and friends be able to have the blessing of a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering!

Here's a little bit from the preparation of the feast at my house. Of course there was the bird.  All ready to go into the oven.  After 24 hours of soaking in an aromatic brine, this beauty was all washed and rubbed and ready for roasting.   Despite careful calculation of roasting time, the turkey managed to be done nearly 2 hours in advance of the predicted finish time!  And I was not the only one to have that situation. It happened to my brother and sister-in-law as well!  I think there was a turkey conspiracy.  Perhaps it was started by the beef industry!  Lucky for us, the meat was still super moist and delicious!

My kids are always sating that there is never enough stuffing. So this year I doubled my grandmother's recipe for stuffing.  Needless to say, we have quite a bit for leftovers!

For dessert, my sister made one of her scrumptious pecan cheesecake pies!!!  Oh yummy!!  I made some Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cupcakes.  Here I am brushing them with some coffee.  My son has nicknamed these "Pumcakes". It's what rolls of the tongue when you try to say Pumpkin and Cupcakes all at once!  Never did get a photo of the completed iced cupcakes!

Speaking of my son, One the most special dirty dishes that I am thankful for this year is this cute bowl that he created.  Can you tell he loves the Pittsburgh Steeler's??  I really appreciate his creativity, enthusiasm and team spirit.

Shame I never did get any photos of the finished goodies. But that's how things go in our house, mayhem and chaos settled in.  Time to capture the "after" photos went out the window!  Maybe next year!

I hope you've had a chance to be grateful for your blessings. If you ventured out to do some shopping, I hope you got some great deals. Hopefully you've had a wonderful time enjoying family and friends. And as I reflect on my blessings, I give thanks to all of you that follow along on my creative journey. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with me!

I've got to get back to washing those dirty dishes.  Until next time!

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