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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kindness Update

Out and about early in the morning to sprinkle some kindness around!!  Yesterday my son and I got an early start so we could share some kindness with other early morning people.

First stop: the crossing guard. This crossing guard has been at her post 3 times a day every year for a long time!  Since my kiddos were attending the elementary school.

* On this very cold morning, we took her some hot cocoa.
Not really sure about that strange look on my face - I know I was talking and objecting to being in the photo.  Gonna have to work on smiling for the camera man!  Any case - she was so appreciative and look at that smile on her face!!  That sure felt good!

Next we hit the Mall before it opened so we could stealthily leave some kindness to be discovered.

 * Left coins for the kiddie rides. Who says there is no such thing as a free ride?  Hehehehe!!!!

* Held the door for a woman at the bagel shop.

* Visited an older gentleman who I always used to see at the 6:45am service at Church. Since way back when my first son was in a baby carrier!  He really enjoyed the company and seeing my first son grown into a young man. We wished him a Happy New Year and we couldn't help but catch his contagious smile!

* Left some coins at a vending machine so somebody can get a treat!

* Tucked some $1 bills about the Dollar Store. We figured the toy and candy aisle might be the right spot to make the day for a few children!

* Played taxi for the middle school football players that are working out with the high school team. Then gave them rides home afterward. Due to budget cuts, there is no bus for them. Usually they walk which cuts into their work out time. And it was super cold. They appreciated it!

* Stopped traffic to allow pedestrians to cross the road. Yeah in this area you're supposed to stop for peds in the crosswalks.  You'd be amazed how many cars don't!

By the time we had done all of this, I was really in a lot of pain. I've got an as yet undiagnosed problem in my back/hip that is making it difficult for me to walk, sit, stand or move about. I was in too much pain to keep going.  So we headed home. Not to worry, I'm going to work on some kindness that I can share that doesn't require me to do too much walking and such.

Kindness by others:

* Nancy in CA is helping her sister move!

* Lisa in the Philippines is going to work in Acts of Random Kindness has she celebrates her birthday next month!!  Follow her blog so you can keep up with her throughout February! Life as DINKers

Stay tuned for updates!  Keep sharing your acts of kindness too. I'm really enjoying this!


Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. I do read them all and appreciate each and every one!

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