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Monday, January 9, 2012

Kindness Update

Been very busy with lots of stuff to do. But I'm still working on my ARKs!

* Wrote a thank-you letter to a teacher that my oldest son had several years ago. This teacher gave the class a small assignment back then to look into their family history. That assignment turned up a recipe for a special holiday bread.  My son and I have made it an annual tradition to spend a day together baking this bread. That's priceless.

Kindness by others:
I'm amazed at the Kindness acts that you are all doing!!

*Marcia will be keeping a Daily Journal of Kindness for the entire year!   WOW!  With this year being a leap year, that's 366 days of kindness!  GO MARCIA!!!  Please keep in touch so we can encourage each other!!

*Marcia (yep, same gal) was so happy with her haircut that she over-tipped her stylist. He was very appreciative!

*Cindy in CA has signed up her whole family to volunteer at the food bank!  Way to go!!

I am so thrilled to see so much kindness being done. Keep those ARK's coming at me!

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