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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Kindness

Welcome to Wednesday and more Kindness!

* Wrote a review for a recent trip to a restaurant to commend the service that was received.

It was a busy day yesterday, but while I was doing errands, I picked up some flowers to deliver.

* Delivered flowers to the middle school office. The youngest of my 3 children is finishing up his years there. I've been to that office to reconnect forgotten lunches and homework assignments with their rightful owners so many times, and I've gotten calls from that office to assist my kids with needs over the years. It was about time I thanked the ladies for all they do!

* Delivered flowers to the high school front desk. My oldest has graduated from the high school and my next oldest is still attending there.  The gal at the front desk always has a smile and a helpful attitude.  She's gotten me to the right place for all those IEP meetings, helped to get goodies delivered to the teachers, been there when my son lost his way around school.  She does this day in and day out for all those thousands of students. Wonder how many neglected lunch boxes have passed through her desk on their way to the right student?  She deserves flowers too!

* Took flowers to the scheduler at the hospital. I had to have a little procedure done and she was awesome working with me, my doctors office and my insurance to help make sure everything got taken care of. I can't say enough about how above and beyond this gal went.  She is an example of customer service to be mentored!

* Brought my neighbors trash cans up from the curb for them.

I forgot to get pictures of the flowers for the gal at the hospital, and they were a big beautiful bouquet!  I lost my photographer (my oldest son) for this project as he had to return to college this week!  I'll try to post some interesting images for you. Didn't really think you wanted to see the trash cans!  LOL

Kindness by others: 

* Joana in TX has made four sets of stitch markers (you know for knitting and such) and headbands that she is donating to an auction. The auction is raising money for a friend of hers that lost her premature son at just 27 days after birth.   I'm hoping the family is able to find some comfort from this outpouring of support from friends!

Keep your Kindness acts coming.  I'm now half way through my Acts of Random Kindness that I pledged for the month. Let's keep each other encouraged!!

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