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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday the 14th and Kindness Updates

Did you notice?  I changed up my blog a bit. What do you think??

Phew - we made it through a Friday the 13th! Right at the beginning of a new year. A leap year at that!  Geez-o-pete!  When it started to hail, sleet and snow yesterday morning, I thought maybe we were in for a bad day.  Seems like we made it through none the worse!  So let's celebrate Saturday the 14th!  Every one gives Friday the 13th so much attention, but do we ever stop to be thankful for making it to Saturday the 14th??  LOL  Well, there's another reason to be thankful for this day!  Celebrate!

I've got some Kindness Updates.  Only a few. I've been busy with some projects and appointments.  Oh it's so tough when life gets in the way! LOL

* In heavy traffic with sudden merge patterns, I let a driver go in front of me. They missed the whole merge pattern and were headed straight for a barrier!  Hopefully they were glad to get where they were going!

* Sent a flower deliver to a gal at one of our doctors offices. I had some trouble getting insurance issues cleared up.  The gal working a the office was not too happy with me asking her to step outside her comfort zone and make a call to the insurance company. She finally did, and the issue got all cleared up!

* Put seed and suet out for the birds and squirrels.

Kindness by Others

* Glenda in PA let some drivers out in front of her too!  She said some even waved at her!

Tomorrow is the half-way point for the month - but you still have time to share your Kindness acts here. So keep 'em coming!

I'm gonna go get ready to watch some football tonight.  GO BRONCOS!


  1. Cathy...
    I stopped by here in search of a fabulous template that I saw somewhere in digiland. While I was here I was just amazed at what you have so selflessly accomplished. You are a true inspiration.

  2. I am thankful for your kindness...it makes a difference.


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