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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank You and Kindness

We had a nice long weekend with the Martin Luther King Day holiday.  My weekend was a roller coaster... up and down! Or I should say down and up, as it ended on a very up note?!!  Started off with more doctor appointments which inflicted tremendous pain.  Yeah, that was the totally down part!

But the very good part was my friends and family conspired and pulled off an amazing surprise party in honor of my birthday!  I'm telling you I was shocked! Blown away!  Completely surprised!!

So I've got some thank yous to write.  I designed a hybrid card using the digital elements that I used to create my blog header. I just changed it up a bit.

I've also got some new Kindness Updates for you:

* Donated food. We had so much food left over from the party, that we were able to make multiple donations!

*Fred from Pa bought lunch for his department!

* My friends and family did a great Act of Kindness by pulling off that surprise party!  It was amazing and I really appreciate it!

I hope to get up and about more, I've got 14 more days to get more ARKs done!!!

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