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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Shoot

On Easter I told the kids that I needed to get some new photos of them.  Of course I enjoy having photos of them to cherish forever. But I also needed some new material to scrap!  No, no, I'm definitely not "caught up" on scrapping.  I've got photos from special events and everyday life over the years that I still hope to scrap.  I just wanted some "new" ones.

Their initial reaction was one lacking in enthusiasm. To say the least.  But I managed to get them outside and we found an interesting spot to take some photos.  I wasn't getting too many smiles. Until I really encouraged them to just have fun!

They did some 3 Stooges mimicking. Patrick did his best Barney "suit up" pose (from the TV show How I Met Your Mother). And the fun and the smiles just kept rolling!!  And the laughter was non-stop!!!

This little photo shoot went from what they thought was going to be a "chore" to a day of memories that we will talk about, and laugh about for years to come!

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