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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Awesome Actions

Ever go on vacation, take a bunch of photos, come home and realize that one (or more) of the photos you took isn't as good as it looked in your camera preview window?  Maybe there's a shadow in the way, or maybe the color is washed out, or maybe......  you know, you've had these photos that you thought you can't use.  But guess what? You can!!

Yeah - this just happened to me.  We recently got back from vacation and a photo that I thought was going to be OK, wasn't.  We took it in the shade so that the bright burning sun wasn't washing-out everyone's face and causing us all to squint.  When I looked at the preview on the little tiny camera screen, it looked OK. But who could really tell in that bright blazing sun?

But, that shade really made the photo too dark.  Here's a looksy at the photo that I almost thought was useless:

But thanks to the help of some amazing actions, I was able to easily salvage this photo and turn it into something to treasure!!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!  Isn't that great????  So here's what I did.  I used 2 actions by Charm Box Studio. The first one I used was "Lighten" which is part of the Stepping Stones Actions. That brought some life back to my photo. Then I took it a step further and applied the "Sun Kissed" action from the Sunshine set. And ta-da!  I've now got a great photo that I can crop, print, scrapbook with and cherish forever!

Now I work in Photoshop CS4. Check out their shop, they also have actions for PS Elements!! And they aren't just for saving photos from the recycle bin on your computer. They've got all sorts of tools to help you get some amazing looks for your photographs.  I can't wait to play some more!!

Oh, I'm so happy!!

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  1. Wow- that's quite a difference! I have no idea how to do any of that, probably because I don't have any form of Photoshop. Looking forward to seeing how you scrap this!


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