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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Newsletter 2014

Each year I prepare a Newsletter to send out to family and friends with our holiday cards.  This year is a bit of a struggle. As I am still recovering from surgery and only have the use of one hand. Even typing is a bit challenging.

I started out with the above layout. The text in it is just a repeated sentence to hold the spot and show you where text was going to go. That just seemed like too much text to manage with my one (non-dominant) hand.  I thought about using a voice recognition software to input the text. But then I decided that a photo laden newsletter with just some highlights would do just fine!

This is my final design. I like it. Lots of cute pictures, and a re-cap of our year.  

I used the digital kit City Sidewalks by Paper Garden Projects and Kimeric Kreations that just released today to decorate the newsletter with a sweet old-time holiday feel.

Now to get folding and stuffing envelopes one-handed!


  1. It looks fantastic! Super impressive that you did it one-handed!

  2. Great job, Cathy! I'm amazed that creating such a gorgeous digital newsletter one-handed was easier than just typing!! It looks SO good!! WOW!!!! :)

  3. Lovely! And with one hand tied behind your back (so to speak... :) )

  4. Great job! It's amazing what we can accomplish with just one hand. I have broken both of my wrists (at different times, thank goodness) and I got really good at doing things one-handed. You don't know just how much you can do until you have to do it. Merry Christmas!


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